HealthCare Services


Health Occupancy Management Solutions (HOMS)
ASGARD is here to support its partners and their communities with a wide variety of our HOMS Solutions to implement in keeping employees, customers, and visitors safe.

Asgard Group is positioned to fill your PPE shortages due to the tremendous challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We deliver FDA Approved personal protective equipment (PPE) for use by healthcare personnel (HCP) to protect themselves, patients, and others when providing care.

UVClean Sanitizers
Heavy-traffic places with high-touch things quickly transmit germs and illness from person to person to unsuspecting person. UVClean Wand SterilizerTM disinfecting appliance emits ultraviolet light to irradiate objects including shoes, laptops/tablets/keyboards, cellphones, baby toys, gym lockers, doorknobs, toilet covers, countertops, face masks, and other PPEs. Effective on plastics, wood, metals, fabric, and other materials.